About Anywhere-travels.com

Anywhere-travels.com Owned and operated by Magic Productions Co., Ltd. Registration No. 0105528032708) by investing to develop and extend the form of electronic media business from print media business Which is intellectual property by Mrs. Pannaprapa Intaravitayanan The owner and founder of Magic Production Company Limited, which has been in business for more than 3 decades since 1982

  • Producing monthly magazine publications, including Kinnaree magazine (for flights in Thai Airways), Hotel and Travel magazines (for Thai hotel associations), People New magazine, Sanwiman magazine, anywhere and weekly newspapers Sawasdee Bangkok And engage in public relations and marketing activities
  • To produce television programs

Anywhere-travels.com Was established to be an Internet community for tourists and business operators of integrated travel services To be a medium to encourage users to receive accurate information Fast and versatile As well as being a central market for all tourists and entrepreneurs to offer complete services Convenient and cost effective

Commitment and goals Anywhere-travels.com

  • 1. To create content to introduce attractions around the world Providing services via online websites
  • 2. To search for various services That supports tourists around the world, including traveling all systems Including airlines, cars, trains, boats, public services, accommodation, various types of residence And selected hotels
  • 3. Providing accommodation, hotel, airline and / or other related service providers
  • 4. Provide basic software infrastructure for supporting content And doing a comprehensive tourism service business for tourists and tour operators

Anywhere-travels.com is established by Magic Productions Company Limited (Lenience NO. 0105528032708). Under the visionary to invest and developing a new online media. than three decades since 1982.

Magic Productions Company Limited is a publishing media for monthly and weekly publications such as; Kinnaree magazine (inflight magazine of Thai airways International), magazine magazine and Sawasdee Krungthep weekly newspaper. And also produce several television programs.

Anywhere-travels.com is a travel platform to provide a one stop service for travelers. We are the marketplace for travel and tourism services that are concerned about quality, Specialty with Online Technology.

Our Purpose and Objective are:

  • 1. To be a travel contents provider.
  • 2. To be a search engine for all travel accommodations.
  • 3. Provided booking for hotels, airlines and all concerned businesses.
  • 4. One stop service for travel information and booking system.